About Narumi


We created the Narumi Retreat Center as a place for people to re-discover their own natural inspiration, inner peace and awe. To achieve this, we both create/host various events where participants can express, explore, learn, share, play and create.

But equally important is the part of each event where We do exactly nothing. Where we relax, breathe and allow the beauty and silence of nature do its thing.

About us

Narumi Retreat Center is created by family Navid and Runa (and our son Midas = Na-Ru-Mi). 
We have both a genuine interest in the vaster and deeper dimensions of life which our current society tend to ignore or even dismiss. We have travelled a lot and have always passionately explored the various cultures in their approach towards health and happiness. 



Navid is the founder of Simran Meditation and have been arranging retreats for the past 3 years here at our garden. He teaches non-duality and meditation weekly at a Ayäm Studio in Stockholm as well as online through Insight timer. Navid also has a background in Art direction and UX/UI design. 



Runa has always had a natural interest in, and an intuitive understanding for sustainable health and wellbeing. She is a certified yoga instructor and have also completed courses in thaimassage and Reiki. In 2019, she completed a two year Ayurveda course with Dr Frawley and is currently studying homeopathy. 

Midas is effortlessly free and awake human being, just like all children. He still have not forgotten truth and can therefor enjoy and experience the full intensity and the vast spectrum of this playful existence – without resistance. 

The Center

Currently,  the center area consist of a lush garden, a big building containing the main hall, a cosy timber cabin-guest house, an outdoor spa area – all surrounded by nature and forest. 


There are a few different types of accommodation available here at the center. At the Min building, we have a total of 9 beds available. 6 of which are on a loft and 3 in a separate bedroom. 
In the nearby guesthouse, we have 5 beds arranged on the second floor sleeping area.
besides this total of 14 available beds, we also offer camping tents and other alternatives when required. 


Narumi Retreat Center is located in the forest of northern Uppland in Sweden.
With car, it is roughly a 70minute drive to get here

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The nearest airport is Stockholm Arlanda, which is aprox. 45 minutes drive from here.
The nearest public transport stations are Tobo, Tierp and Örbyhus.

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