Clarity Retreat 2023

April 28th-30th 2023

The goal of all Simran Meditation events, is to bring about an experiential and deep recognition of the underlying truth of your existence.


The exercises are simple, playful and require no previous knowledge, belief system or experience. And yet, they are so powerful that one session of Simran Meditation can permanently change the way you experience and view life.

During Simran Meditation retreats, we use the entire setting of the retreat as our guide and teacher. In the classes we deep dive into the understanding and exploration of non-duality. And the time in between the sessions is used to challenge, practice, embody and express our discovery.


The retreats are relatively small, inclusive, intimate and playful. We might sing and play music together around the campfire at night, if thats what life wants. Or we might even end up in lake nearby if the weather invites us to. But no matter what we do, our main aim remains the same – To be aware of the highest aspect of life, in action. Which happens to be the meaning of the word “Simran”.


During the Clarity retreats, we focus specifically on exploring the essence of the non dual recognition and understanding. We aim to locate and destroy all the beliefs and illusions that tend to create doubt and the sense of separation. To support our Clarity, we also use a detoxifying Ayurvedic diet, physical exercises and include a cleansing fire-ceremony in this retreat.


Booking and more information:


Below is more information about this specific retreat:


START: Friday April 28th at 17:00
END: Sunday April 30th at 13:00


4 Non-duality & Meditation sessions
1 Recognition in Action Session
1 Pranayama/Breathwork session
1 Yoga class
1 Fire Ceremony


Peaceful nature
Hot-tub under the starry skies


Our own beautiful
Narumi Retreat Center


6 meals of Tasty vegan food
Fruits and Chai

Participant (14 spots) Bed: 395€
Karma (Max 14 spots): 195€
Main Assistant(1 spot): Free

*Karma roles have to arrive at least 2h befor and stay 2h after the retreat.
During the retreat, karmas are in service and help out mainly with cooking and cleaning.



– Inform about of allergies at the time of booking

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