Summer Retreat

With Simran Meditation

Simran Meditation is a set of exercises that are designed to reveal the non-dual reality of existence. The clarity and recognition that is gained through these methods will allow your minds to gravitate back towards its natural, effortless  and peaceful state.

The exercises are simple, playful and require no previous knowledge, belief system or experience. And yet, they are so powerful that one session of Simran Meditation can permanently change the way you experience and view life. 

At a Simran Meditation retreats, we use the entire setting of the retreat as our guide and teacher. During the classes we deep dive into the understanding and exploration of non-duality. And the time in between the sessions is used to challenge, practice, embody and express our discovery.

The retreats are relatively small, inclusive, intimate and playful. Some evenings, we might sing and play music together around the campfire at night, and others we might end up in a nearby lake. We follow the flow. But no matter what we do, our main aim remains the same – To be aware of the highest aspect of life, in action. Which happens to be the meaning of the word “Simran”.

Below is more information about this specific retreat:


4 Non-duality / meditation sessions

1 Pranayama/breathwork session

1 Somatic Exploration session

1 Yoga or Dance class

30 minute 1on1 session (optional)


Narumi Retreat Center

70min drive from Stockholm, Sweden.

45min drive or 60min public transport from Arlanda Airport.

Closest public transport station: Tobo, Tierp, Örbyhus


6 meals of Vegan tasty food, fruits and Chai


Standard: 295€

Karma: 145€

Main Assistant: 80€


Everyone is welcome, as long as they are healthy at the time of arrival.



* Inform about of allergies at the time of booking

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